Friday, April 29, 2016

Manini's Gluten Free Fresh Ravioli

I've had several frozen brands of gluten free ravioli but none of them even come close to fresh pasta.  I recently discovered a brand called Manini's.  I don't know anything about the company but one thing I can tell you is their gluten free raviolis are fantastic.  So far I have bought them 3 or 4 times and have tried two flavors and I love them.  I have only purchased them at my local Whole Foods in Northern California.  If you ever come across these I suggest you purchase them but fair warning they are delicious!

You can find Manini's on their website

Monday, April 25, 2016

Amy's Gluten Free Burritos

It has been quite some time that I have enjoyed a gluten free burrito. Actually I don't think I have ever enjoyed one until now.  I recently sampled Amy's Organic Black bean and Quinoa gluten free burrito and I was impressed.  The ingredients are quite impressive as well. It is full of healthy veggies like broccoli and swiss chard.  The taste isn't comprised at all.  It has a wonderful taste and texture just like any other burrito only much healthier for you!  I love having these in my freezer and don't feel guilty at all eating these.  I highly recommend this particular flavor to everyone. I also look forward to trying out some of the other gluten free flavors as well.